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Research shows that people are 75% more likely to reach their goals when they have an accountability partner. 

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 5 Simple, Practical Steps

Vision. Planning. Real Action. Sustainablity. 


What G.U.R.L.s are saying...

Victoria has truly been a life saver! The resources she has provided have helped me to start working smarter, not harder. With Victoria’s help, I have increased awareness about focusing on tasks that benefit my day and remove the tasks that are not serving my time, my goals, and ultimately my God-Given purpose!!!! A huge “ah-ha” moment for me was discovering that I do have enough time to accomplish my set tasks but I needed to manage my time differently. Sometimes you just need someone to process with, to hold you accountable and to push you towards your goals and purpose... Victoria is that person!!!! I highly recommended that you allow Victoria to coach and guide you.



Victoria has been so helpful. Her coaching sessions have been monumental in building my confidence, honing my brand, and identifying methods for success. All of her exercises and resources have yielded great results for me. She is kind, patient, and highly encouraging. She is knowledgeable and is great at what she does.



I knew I had the ability to become the entrepreneur I wanted to be but I was having difficulty with goal clarity. Vicki' s tools and resources helped me to understand on a deeper level my "why", which then inspired me to walk my path with God as my Leader. I now have a renewed motivation to take action toward these goals and dreams. I've learned to take myself more seriously. To stop playing with my dreams, but take hold and take charge of them.



In 1:1 Coaching you will...

A deep dive into the 5-step Framework to
1. Get Clear & Discover why you are stuck
2. Perfect your planning and time management
3. Set realistic goals and an action plan
4. Learn how to build healthy habits and stick with them
5. Join a community that is prioritizing self-care and keeping the promises they make to themselves