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Reclaim Your Time, GURL!

What would you do with 14 hours of free time this week?

When you complete the Personalized Planning Sessions you will:
✅ Have an understanding of how you are REALLY spending your time
✅ A crystal clear plan to prioritize the activities that truly matter
✅ Designate at least 14 hours of “free time”!
**not to fill with more movement, but time to be still, gain clarity, personal growth and focus

It's the "Free Time" for Me!

Hey G.U.R.L.

Are YOU Keeping the Promises You Make to Yourself?

YES, you are an exceptional wife!
YES, you are a present and engaged mom of SUPER DOPE kids!

But guess what! You are so much more than "just a wife and mom"! AND THAT, my friend, is what you need to realize.

I believe God has placed something wonderful within each of us and it is our responsibility to not be consumed by distractions, but to commit ourselves to walking in that purpose.

As your Mindset and Accountability Coach, I will partner with you on your journey towards MORE!
You will...
💗 Create a Crystal Clear Vision of what you need and want for your life. 
💗 Set a plan of execution that will actually work.
💗 Discover a proven method of planning and prioritizing your time so you can accomplish more of what matters to you. 
💗 Uncover Hidden Challenges that might be sabotaging your success and causing you to quit on yourself. 

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Personal Development Courses and Mindset Coaching with YOU in mind!

The G.U.R.L. Collective!

Can You Relate?
💡 You are tired of feeling defeated because you keep setting goals but never accomplish them.
💡 You SUCK at managing your time.
💡 Despite your best attempts you can’t seem to fit it all in. You feel pulled in a million different directions. 
💡 You know you need more. You just don’t know what it is or where to begin.  

WAC Tuesdays!

Want to start a blog? A business? Plan an event? Write a book? Can't seem to find the time to get it done? 

WAC offers women 1 hour of uninterrupted time to focus on personal goals and interests. We meet twice each month- one call focuses on collaboration, ideas and networking; the other on doing the work. You will have support, an audience for feedback and a tribe to encourage you. You do not want to miss out on this!

* The current group has reached capacity. Click below to be added to the waitlist.


Let's Chat, GURL!

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Relax. Reset. Recharge.


Hey G.U.R.L. Hey! Health & Fitness' Signature Event. Don't miss the 2nd Annual Relax. Reset. Recharge. Women's Retreat featuring dynamic presentations and workshops, a Temecula Winery Tour, Canvas Painting workshop and much more!
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels Golf Resort
October 14- 17, 2021
Palm Spring, CA

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Freebie... Just for you, GURL!

What are your personal core values?

This quick worksheet will help you understand your value system to direct you towards your next BIG WIN!


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